Hi, I’m Julie Fernandes!

I’m a Motherhood & Lifestyle Mentor, Occupational Therapist (OTD), and a mom of two little ones living in New York City. I’m also a content creator on YouTube and I post videos on Home & Habit Organization, Holistic Wellness, Subconscious Retraining. You can subscribe to my channel right HERE!

I’m on a mission to help time-starved women & overwhelmed mothers achieve personal success and reach the state of mindfulness in their home & lives through my powerful methods of home organization, habit & mindset retraining, and intentional living.

After being a full-time working mama and now an online course creator, I’ve walked through the struggles of dealing with constant busyness. I know the feeling of self-care deprivation all around; the dreaded feeling of exhaustion & low energy, always dealing with clutter, to-do lists, and a mountain of toys, and no “me” time left on the clock to enjoy what matters most. The great news is that after working as an Occupational Therapist for the last 15+ years, I have developed my own systems and strategies that have allowed me to make all that chaos a thing from the past!

I now devote my time to bringing awareness to how to navigate the emotions of motherhood, bring mindful balance to a home with my organization techniques and teach you how to use your mindset to create long-life habit changes.

Mama, you can get more “YOU” time AND focus on the things and people that you love the most. Check out my signature course The Organized Mom to get started. Click HERE!